December 18, 2007

My blog has

My blog has moved, and if you want to know where and I havent told you , well you will have to email me, cos Im not sure who actually reads this, and Im not giving it to everyone.



Heres some pics of the kids- Kalyb and Rick are having fun playing kick to kick in the yard

And of course I managed to cath a pic of rick on kalybs birthday present ( yep the pogo ball)

OH and miss zoe has discovered how good cherries taste- mmm its always christmas when the cherries come out ( we only buy them in december)

December 16, 2007

Got Tarnis report

Yes we got Miss Tarnis report from Grammar and I have to say I am impressed. In ALL her results she got either a H ( high level of understanding and successful application of skills) or a S+ ( developing a high level of understanding and successful application of skills) and also all 1s ( student effort is commendable)

I am really really pleased with her, and all she has acheived this year. Her general comment also was beautiful, her teachers wrote about her high literacy acheivements and how she also has a level of comprehension to match her reading, and also that her maths is advanced.

I am really impressed with Grammar, and have to say thankyou to all her teachers, we will always acknowledge what you have done, thankyou so much.

December 14, 2007

Countdown is on!

Less than 2 weeks till Christmas, the kids are so excited now.We are anxiously counting down the days, and the kids get more excited every time we go out and see lights, or Santa, or someones decorations.

Last night we went over to Garden City and the kids found a craft shop, and they found each other presents, was lovely to see them take their time and really choose. Kalyb had already made his purchases a few weeks ago, and had them wrapped adn waiting, so his are nice suprises! I didnt see what the girls got me, but I do know what my wonderful husband has purchased....cos the guy tried it on me first....but I wont spoil the surprise!

Well keep watching for pics, we have been spending lots of time exploring the local parks, and down the beach ( too cold for that today though!)

December 12, 2007


well the house is as clean as it can be until we get this bed and I scrapped.....just one page as Im over it since I cant find all my supplies argh!

And the much promised pic of the tussie from Linda

December 11, 2007

I cut her hair......

and she loves it! Tarni looks gorgeous, much more grown up. I guess its still really regarded as long, just looks much better now. What do you think?
We spent the morning on South Beach at Fremantle. It was overcast and looks very thundery, but was lovely and warm, the kids had aball running up and down the sand and jumping into the gorgeous clear water...but guess who forgot to take the camera????

December 09, 2007

what do you think

yes i got a pink toaster and kettle ( and blender)

Im loving these shelves,

they are perfect for all the little knick knacks!
Last night we watched the channel 7/RAC christmas pageant for perth, very nice, maybe next year we will go in to town, but was great to sit in peace and watch on tv!

Today we walked up to the school, takes 15 mins to walk slowly, so we are happy with that......maybe santa will bring bikes for the kids......

and check out the gorgeous tussie that Linda made me- yours is sitting here ready to post...and tomorrow I am taking the car and driving hubby to work lol

oh and last but not least...boys and soft toy balls make........